1. What are the reaources you will provide? 

Ans: Our resources will include –

Video lectures

Intuitive Exercises

Exolanatory Notes

Past paper solve videos

2. Do you offer instructor led classes? If yes , then what additional support will you give ?

Ans: Yes , we provide instructor led classes. We provide additional support such as Mock exams and regular feedback from instructor in addition to online classes.

3. Why this platform while we can have coaching classes from famous teachers?

Ans: Support materials here in this website undergo riogorous quality assurance process by expert teachers. While you can definitely have coaching support from famous teachers, it does not always support you with structurally produced materials and exercises and you can always use this as standalone support for your exam which is enough for a self driven student or you can use the website to help you have a reliable additional support for your study with a cost that will not overburden you. If you choose to study under the guidance of our expert teachers , it will be an excellent choice as we believe our quality is at par with those famous teachers.

Another reason is that we have revolutionized the teaching of O and A level by providing interactive platform for study where you can interact with the website and get instant feedback. We have maximized the positive use of technology in education.

4. How do I register?

Ans: Please go to registration page.

5. What is the routine of instructor led classes?

Ans: It will be provided once you register yourself with the website.

6. What is your fee structure?

Ans: Please go to Fees page.

7. What subjects do you offer?

Ans: We offer following subjects-

O level : 




Mathematics D

Additional Mathematics



A level:

Phyics .